Every Caregiver, Every Situation

Homethrive provides caregivers and their entire care circle with the personalized support they need, however and whenever they need it.

Caregiving solutions for every need


We guide family caregivers through Medicare, senior living options, new diagnoses, and shifting family dynamics to save them precious time and energy.


For anyone supporting a child or another loved one with a disability, we help them find the right care, get academic support, and make the best decisions for their loved ones and family.


Medical Conditions

Whether supporting a partner through cancer treatment or a friend after an accident, we help navigate hospital discharge and recovery, so caregivers can focus on what matters.

Areas we support

Home Services

Provide home safety guidance, arrange in-home care, assist with transportation

Medical Navigation

Find local providers, navigate hospital discharges, provide disease education


Compare living facilities, arrange moving services, identify affordable housing options


Educate on advance directives and wills, find local attorneys

Social + Emotional

Identify local support groups and social activities, provide self-care tips, help navigate family dynamics


Navigate Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security coverage and benefits, identify financial assistance programs

Our innovative approach makes caregiving smarter, easier and more rewarding

1:1 expert support

Caregivers are matched with a caregiving expert who does the heavy lifting with research and care coordination, as well as provides emotional support.

On-demand platform

Provides personalized resources and advice to help caregivers reach their goals while saving precious time and energy.
From our clients & members

Additional solutions for health plans

Learn more about our virtual companionship program that reduces social isolation for older adults.

Bring Homethrive to your organization

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we partner closely with your organization to develop a customized plan.