Homethrive 101: Who Is Homethrive?

As an ICU nurse at the local hospital, Tanisha works 60 to 70 hours a week. 

Recently, her widowed mother Tonya fell at home and broke her hip. After a short stint in rehab, her mother moved back home, but her needs have increased exponentially. Tanisha’s spending a lot of time on the phone coordinating care for her mother, burning the candle at both ends. 

One night, after her mother called her five times in one shift, Tanisha confided in a co-worker about the stress she was feeling from her newfound caregiving duties, and that she was considering taking a leave of absence to help her mother.   

Tanisha’s co-worker told her about a new employee benefit the hospital system is offering. Curious, Tanisha decided to learn more about how Homethrive could help alleviate the work, worry, and stress she’s been dealing with since taking over as her mother’s primary caregiver. 

Family caregiving impacts most employees. Women are most negatively impacted and a concerning number have exited the workforce 

For those who remain, stress and worry are taking a huge mental toll, resulting in lost productivity for companies and increased costs for insurers. It’s a problem that shows no signs of letting up. 

Homethrive is the next-generation caregiving benefit innovator that’s revolutionizing support for unpaid family caregivers and their loved ones through our right-sized and high-impact family caregiving platform. 

Our solutions breaks the caregiving support mold by skillfully blending self-service digital caregiving and health support with expert human interaction to effectively and efficiently right-size care to large populations.   

We work together with employers, affinity groups, insurers, and other stakeholders to help support business priorities, such as providing a competitive advantage, reducing turnover, increasing engagement and satisfaction, increasing productivity, enhancing DEI efforts, and supporting mental and general health. Our resources are accessible anytime, anywhere, to best support members no matter where they are in their journey. 

As Tanisha’s caregiving journey got underway, she accessed resources on our platform, reading about ways to safety-proof her mother’s apartment. She also connected with one of our Care Guides, Monique, who listened empathetically to her concerns on a welcome phone call, and then set up a plan to take the load off Tanisha’s plate. 

Homethrive helped Tanisha focus on her career without compromising her mother’s care, and it prevented her from taking that leave of absence she was worried about. 

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