Forgotten Twice: Caregiving for Dementia feat. Zander Keig

Season 1, Episode 4

The Caregiver Trending podcast features discussions on caregiving topics, interviews with thought leaders, and provides expert advice for caregivers from Homethrive’s in-house Care Guides.

Our interview today is with award-winning social worker and speaker Zander Keig.

Zander Keig has over 31 years of experience as a consultant, trainer, and speaker, specializing in wellness, leadership, emotional intelligence, social and emotional learning, inclusion, and belonging. He is also a Board Certified Transgender Care Specialist and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California and Florida.

Zander is co-founder of the LGBTQ Caregivers Center and is on the advisory board for the Rise Registry Research Project. He is also host of the Umbrella Hour Podcast and the owner of Third Space Press. A proud Coast Guard veteran, he has received multiple awards and honors, including the 2023 LGBTQIA Advocate of the Year, the 2020 NASW National Social Worker of the Year, and the 2018 NASW CA Social Worker of the Year. His new book, The Third Space: A Nonconformist’s Guide to the Universe is available now.

Today, we hear how, in addition to everything else, Zander became a caregiver for his father as he began to show signs of dementia.

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