Celebrating National Social Work Month 2024

Happy National Social Work Month! At Homethrive, we’re celebrating the social workers that are at the heart of our caregiving benefit: our Care Guides.

What is a Social Worker?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a social worker is a person that “helps people prevent and cope with problems in their everyday lives.” They may help with anything ranging from dealing with a disability to a serious health diagnosis to difficulties with family dynamics.

Social workers are especially helpful when it comes to research and planning, and can save families time and stress when it comes to caregiving responsibilities.

What Is National Social Work Month?

March is National Social Work Month, and is sponsored by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). This year’s theme is “Empowering Social Workers,” and is focused on improving salaries and working conditions for social workers throughout the country. 

Previous themes for the month have included “Social Work Breaks Barriers” (2023), “The Time Is Right for Social Work” (2022), and “Social Workers Are Essential” (2021).

What Happens During National Social Work Month

During March 2024, NASW will:

  • Have a national, online conversation to discuss the reasons behind lower social work pay and how social workers can address this issue. 
  • Feature advice from social work influencers on areas of social work that offer higher salaries and how social workers can boost their salaries.
  • Offer guidance on how social workers can negotiate higher pay.
  • Offer an updated list of social work experts who can be interviewed by news organizations.

Other Related Social Worker Events

The international “World Social Work Day” is March 19th, 2024 and is sponsored by the International Federation of Social Workers. The Association of Black Social Workers is having their annual conference March 26th – March 30th.  Many universities and hospitals will be having separate events in honor of their social workers and social work students.

How Homethrive Works with Social Workers

At Homethrive, our Care Guides are social workers with extensive aging, disability, and caregiving experience. Members can connect with Care Guides for assistance with research into available resources, booking services, or for emotional support while caregiving.

Connect with our Care Guides anytime for:

• Navigating insurance, benefits, and Medicare
• Finding community and government resources
• Getting personalized guidance and self-care tips
• Planning the best possible future for your loved one.

Why Homethrive Uses Social Workers

“Our choice to employ social workers as Care Guides underscores our commitment to fostering profound and meaningful relationships with our members,” says Shanna Grayson, VP of Care Management for Homethrive. “Drawing upon their expertise in interpersonal dynamics and human behavior, social workers are uniquely qualified to excel in this role. By leveraging their professional background in social work, our Care Guides prioritize the establishment of trust as a foundational elements for delivering effective support and assistance.”

Care Guides provide a personalized services to each individual, which not only provides caregivers with time-saving assistance and access to the right resources, but also adds an emotional support when and where they need it most.

“Central to social work practice is cultivating relationships that nurture personal growth and empowerment,” says Grayson. “Through adept skills in active listening, empathy, and advocacy, our Care Guides work hand-in-hand with members to craft plans tailored to their unique circumstances. This unwavering dedication to personalized care ensures that each member receives the tailored attention and support necessary to thrive in their caregiving journey.”

Social workers are the (often unsung) heroes of the healthcare field. This National Social Work Month, we celebrate the amazing work that they do every day. Learn more about how you or your employees can gain access to assistance from our Homethrive social workers to save time and energy with caregiving responsibilities.

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