An Unexpected Kind Of Work-Life Balance

I am a wife, mother of a young son and daughter of aging parents who need quite a bit of support.  I am also now the full time Head of Marketing for Homethrive, an amazing company with a meaningful mission to support people like me. 

Until recently, I never put much thought into an employee benefit that would assist me as I try to juggle my career, home life and support of my parents. Then I was introduced to Homethrive and realized what I have been missing. Homethrive provides a technology-enabled, high-touch groundbreaking family wellness benefit that reduces the stress and work on family caregivers and assists their elderly loved ones to thrive independently and with dignity at home. 

I am pinching myself as I think of the journey I have ahead to lead marketing and help grow the company. With more than 40 million family members, most of whom work and have children of their own like me, supporting aging loved ones who want to live independently at home for as long as possible like my parents, there is so much opportunity ahead to make a difference. What a fun ride it will be. I can’t wait to get started. 

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